Mac Help

Setup TeamViewer Mac Screensharing

Getting Started

Installing CrossOver Mac
Installing a Listed Application in CrossOver Mac
Installing an Unlisted Application in CrossOver Mac
Using the CrossOver Removal Tool

Common Actions

Launching a Windows .exe File
Browsing Files in a Windows application
Creating a Launcher for a Windows Application
Opening a Bottle's C: Drive
How to Remove a Windows Application
Archiving and Restoring a Bottle
Mapping a Drive or External Volume
Editing Bottle Registry Keys
Using the Heroic Games Launcher with CrossOver
How to Change Your User Agent on Mac
Clearing CrossOver's Installer Cache


Problems with CrossOver Mac and Anti-Virus Software
Troubleshooting Unlisted Applications in CrossOver Mac
Creating a Debug Log
Creating a Debug Log During Application Installation
Advanced CrossOver Mac Configuration
Using USB devices with CrossOver
Grant CrossOver file system access
Using controllers with CrossOver

Installation Issues

Installing and using multiple versions of CrossOver Mac
CD/DVD not detected on application launch

Sound & Video

Reset the DPI using Wine Configuration
Disable window decorations in the Mac Driver

Language/Locale Settings

Set a Windows application to use a different language than the OS
Set CrossOver to use a different language than the OS
CrossOver is in a Different Language
Why is my Date Format wrong?
Type non-English keyboard characters in Windows applications


Change the Windows version of an existing bottle
Change the Bottle Directory
Advanced Settings in CrossOver Mac
How to fix an Expired Bottle
Remap the Option key to be the Alt key
Printing Documents from Windows Applications using PDFwriter
Windows application icons not created after installation completes
How to run a Windows application from Terminal
How to mount the Windows partition of a hybrid Windows/Mac DVD
Use the Windows command prompt in CrossOver
Game Anti-Cheat Systems with CrossOver
Game Mods and Add-Ons with CrossOver