Using controllers with CrossOver

Getting controllers and joysticks to work through CrossOver can be challenging due to the various input translation layers required.

We regularly test Xbox One, Xbox Series, DualShock 4, and DualSense 5 controllers. However, these controllers may still not work with all Windows games depending on how the game accepts controller input. Issues with the native operating system, the Steam client (if applicable), and custom programming in the game can prevent controllers from working correctly through CrossOver. At a minimum the game will need to support Windows XInput in order to receive any controller feedback through CrossOver, but the controller will also need to be connected correctly in the OS.

Note that native Windows drivers for controllers can't be installed or used in CrossOver since there is no underlying Windows OS.

Below are some troubleshooting resources that may help you get a controller working in a game through CrossOver.

  • Try using a wired USB connection from the controller to the computer instead of Bluetooth.
  • Sony's instructions on pairing DS4/DS5 controllers to various operating systems.
  • Apple's instructions for pairing Playstation controllers and Xbox controllers.
  • Check the Steam client's controller configuration.
    • Click Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings
      • Select the configuration for the controller you're using, or try generic gamepad.

If you're still having difficulty you can reach out to our tech support team. Even if they're not able to resolve the issue we appreciate having details of your particular setup for tracking and future testing.

Last modified on 2024-01-25 21:29:25 UTC by Andrew Balfour