Creating a Launcher for a Windows Application

Sometimes an application is successfully installed, but CrossOver doesn't create a launcher icon. When this occurs, using the Run Command option allows you to launch the application and also create an icon.

1. Access C: Drive

Select the bottle containing the program and click Run Command.

In the Run Command dialog, click Browse to access the contents of the bottle's C: drive.

2. Locate the .exe File

Browse the C: drive for the program's .exe file. If the program has more than one .exe file (not uncommon), you may need some trial and error to find the correct file.

An excellent place to start looking is in Program Files. Once you have located and selected the .exe file, click Open.

3. Create Launcher

If you are sure the file you selected is correct, click Save Command as a Launcher.

Note: You can always click Run to see if the selected file launches the program before creating a launcher.


CrossOver displays a launcher icon for the selected file.

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