How to fix an Expired Bottle

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This article will help fix an issue where a CrossOver bottle says it's expired.

First you'll want to verify you have an active license for the version of CrossOver you're using. In CrossOver go to the CrossOver menu and choose About CrossOver to check the version.

Next go to the Downloads page on our website and confirm it's the same version you have available for download.

If the version listed there is older than the version of CrossOver you have installed, visit our Store to purchase a new license. After unlocking with your user name and password, your downloaded version of CrossOver will start working.

If your Downloads page lists the version of CrossOver that you're currently running, then you have a license for that version. In that case, you are likely seeing the expired bottle message because your bottle is missing its Z: drive symlink to your Mac's hard drive.

Recreate the Z: drive

Start by creating a New Bottle in CrossOver. Go to the Bottle menu and pick New Bottle. The bottle name and Windows version don't matter. Select the newly created bottle, expand the Bottle Actions menu, and select Open C: Drive.

Navigate into the folder dosdevices. Right-click (or control-click) on the z/ folder and pick Copy.

Now go back into CrossOver, select the expired bottle, and Open C: Drive.

Navigate into the dosdevices folder that appears. Right-click (control-click) in the folder and choose Paste Item.
You will now be able to launch your Windows application without the error occurring.

The new bottle you created to fix this error can now be safely removed.

Next Step: Remap the Option key to be the Alt key

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