Game Anti-Cheat Systems with CrossOver

Many multiplayer games use anti-cheat technology to attempt to detect changes in a game's code that could give players unfair advantages. These anti-cheat technologies work at a very low-level of the Windows operating system and are incompatible with CrossOver's translation layer, preventing the game from running.

As a US-based company we follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which prohibits any bypassing of technical protection measures, meaning that we cannot legally work around any type of copy protection or anti-cheat technology incorporated into a game. For these reasons we do not support or attempt to fix issues with anti-cheat technology. If a game's anti-cheat prevents use with CrossOver, the only way it can work is if the game developer makes changes on their end.

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Last modified on 2024-03-05 20:11:17 UTC by Andrew Balfour