Set a Windows application to use a different language than the OS

By default CrossOver will get your language and format style from the host operating system. You can manually specify a locale by editing the cxbottle.conf file located in each bottle CrossOver creates.

To locate the cxbottle.conf select the appropriate bottle, click Open C: Drive listed in the right column of the bottle. Go up one level to find the cxbottle.conf file on same directory level as the drive_c folder.

In cxbottle.conf under the EnvironmentVariables section add a new entry for the locale you want to use. For example to set the bottle to Russian you'd enter:

"LC_ALL" = "ru_RU.UTF-8"

Locales that should work are:

  • af_ZA
  • am_ET
  • be_BY
  • bg_BG
  • ca_ES
  • cs_CZ
  • da_DK
  • de_AT
  • de_CH
  • de_DE
  • el_GR
  • en_AU
  • en_CA
  • en_GB
  • en_IE
  • en_NZ
  • en_US
  • es_ES
  • et_EE
  • eu_ES
  • fi_FI
  • fr_BE
  • fr_CA
  • fr_CH
  • fr_FR
  • he_IL
  • hr_HR
  • hu_HU
  • hy_AM
  • is_IS
  • it_CH
  • it_IT
  • ja_JP
  • kk_KZ
  • ko_KR
  • lt_LT
  • nl_BE
  • nl_NL
  • no_NO
  • pl_PL
  • pt_BR
  • pt_PT
  • ro_RO
  • ru_RU
  • sk_SK
  • sl_SI
  • sr_YU
  • sv_SE
  • tr_TR
  • uk_UA
  • zh_CN
  • zh_HK
  • zh_TW

These are the UTF-8 locales that are present in OS X's /usr/share/locale/ directory, which the "legacy" directory that wine uses for locale information. Other locales not listed above (for instance, es_MX for Mexico or es_GT for Guatemala) will not work at present.

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