CrossOver is in a Different Language

CrossOver has been and is being translated into many languages. This means it is possible to have it display in another language depending on the MacOS settings.

If CrossOver is displaying a language you would not expect, close CrossOver and verify your settings:

Go to System Preferences

Under 'Personal' select 'International'

Verify that the language you would expect is listed first

If not, click and hold the language you would expect and drag it to a higher priority

Close the 'International' window

Launch CrossOver and verify your changes were made.

Please note that CrossOver respects the "English" setting but not "British English", "American English", etc. "English" must be the top-most system language, or the secondary language beneath a specific type of English, in order to CrossOver to display in English.

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Last modified on 2023-10-02 14:47:01 UTC by Andrew Balfour