Linux Help

Use cxfix and cxdiag to correct common issues

Getting Started

Installing CrossOver Linux
Installing a Listed Application in CrossOver Linux
Installing an Unlisted Application in CrossOver Linux
Removing CrossOver Linux

Common Actions

Launching a Windows .exe File
Creating a Launcher for a Windows Application
Opening a Bottle's C: Drive
Delete a Bottle in CrossOver Linux
Archiving and Restoring a Bottle
How to Enable DXVK
Editing Bottle Registry Keys
Clearing CrossOver's Installer Cache
Install Multiple Versions of Crossover Linux
Changing Your User Agent on Linux

Distro-Specific Issues

Debian (Supported)
Fedora (Supported)
ChromeOS (Supported)
OpenSUSE Leap (Unsupported)
Arch (Unsupported)


Troubleshooting Unlisted Applications in CrossOver Linux
Problems with CrossOver Linux and Virus Scanning
Creating a Debug Log
Creating a Debug Log During Install
Advanced CrossOver Linux Configuration
Using controllers with CrossOver
Critical Issues

User Interface (GUI) Issues

Miscellaneous Issues

Missing Library Messages

Deprecated Issues

Menu Problems

How can I change the size of my menu font?
How to restore CrossOver menu items so they appear in Xfce

Sound Issues

Troubleshooting Sound Issues on Linux

Video Issues

How does Linux handle multiple monitors?
Manually set VideoMemorySize

Bottles, Associations, Fonts

How can you map a document type to open in a native application?
Why do my CrossOver applications report time a hour faster or slower than my system?
How can I turn off anti-aliased fonts?
Open an .exe in cxrun by double-clicking.
Create Package from Bottle Fails with no Error Message
Reset the DPI using Wine Configuration
How do I map a drive?
Enabling subpixel rendering/anti-aliasing in CrossOver.
How to manually change file associations in a bottle.
How can I get Crossover to recognize new fonts added to a bottle?
How to add bottles outside of ~/.cxoffice to Crossover
Control Panels are missing from a bottle.


How do I run an application using the command line?
Accessing a Samba share through Crossover
Mount a Samba/SMB file share to your filesystem to reach it through Crossover.
How to set CrossOver to use a different language than the OS.
Change the Windows version of an existing bottle

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