ChromeOS (Supported)

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Running CrossOver on Chrome OS is now very easy thanks to the Linux part of Chrome OS. In most cases our Linux information should apply to Chrome OS as well. Here are just a couple of differences to be aware of when using CrossOver on Chrome OS


Disk Size

The default size of the Linux VM is 5GB which is a little to small for all the extra packages that Crossover requires. We suggest changing that to at least 10GB for best results.


Sharing Files

When installing some applications CrossOver prompts you download the installer from the developers website. In those cases the installer will end up in your Chrome OS Downloads folder but Crossover is looking for it in your Linux Downloads folder. You will either need to copy the file to your Linux installation or share your Downloads folder to Linux. Google has a nice walk-through of how to do that here.

Next Step: OpenSUSE Leap (Unsupported)

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