Problems with CrossOver Linux and Virus Scanning

If ClamAV or any other virus scan is enabled on Linux, CrossOver will scan Windows programs before they are run. Windows programs are susceptible to virus infections so enabling the scan is an excellent idea.

Virus found

If something within a CrossOver bottle fails the virus scan, CrossOver will refuse to run the executable file. It will display the name of the file that it attempted to run and the name of the virus that caused the failure:

CrossOver Security Warning
A virus was found in the '....drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14/OUTLOOK.EXE' file.
It will thus not be run in order to protect your computer.
../drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14/OUTLOOK.EXE: Win.Trojan.Bancos-2115 FOUND

Clamav and other Linux virus scan tools do not disinfect files by default. We recommend referring to your distributions page regarding the tool.

Ubuntu's ClamAV scan

CrossOver hangs during ClamAV virus scan

In rare instances, CrossOver hangs during a virus scan. It is possible to suppress the scan but all Windows applications that are run with CrossOver will not be scanned.

To make this change, edit /opt/cxoffice/etc/cxoffice.conf and change the following line:

;;"AntiVirusScan" = ""

To read:

"AntiVirusScan" = "never"

Next Step: Creating a Debug Log

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