How can I get Crossover to recognize new fonts added to a bottle?

First, copy the font into the correct location in the bottle. This would be __~/.cxoffice/(bottlename)/drive_c/windows/fonts__.

Then run

~/cxoffice/bin/wine --bottle (bottlename) --untrusted --wait-children -- cxinstallfonts.exe ~/.cxoffice/(bottlename)/drive_c/windows/fonts/(font name) 

Replace (bottlename) with the name of the bottle you've installed the font into. You may also have installed the Crossover binaries into /opt/cxoffice instead of ~/cxoffice.

Next Step: How to add bottles outside of ~/.cxoffice to Crossover

Last modified on 2023-09-29 13:34:25 UTC by Andrew Balfour